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“I started ED Productions to use artistry as a tool to bring visions to life. I thrive on diversity. One minute I’m selling your brand new product- the next day we’re documenting your history… your story. I want to collaborate with you. Let’s put imagery to your ideas and elevate your brand.”

-Sean R. Phillips, Founder & CEO of ED Productions

about us - EDP commercial video production

ED Productions is a brand development, video production, advertising, and social media company specializing in creative marketing solutions. 

From video production and social media management to trafficking local and national commercial ads, we target your ideal customers with a cross-platform plan that brings them to you.

Offering services tailored to your needs, ED Productions is a creative extension of who you are; developing elegant solutions that end your brand management frustration. 

Headed by CEO and Founder Sean R. Phillips, our team has a knack for getting the job done right the first time.

ED Productions grows your brand, and your network.

I love telling stories, commercials or personal, it always starts with a script. One of real-life or one that has to be created…

Sean R. Phillips

ED Productions Founder & CEO

Now located in the Vancouver, WA area with his family, Sean oversees a team of incredible creative professionals who deliver unrivaled production and marketing services.

(845) 702-6261  | Vancouver, WA